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Spotlighting Excellence: Keiretsu Forum Features Aline Pioneering AI Legal Contracting at the Innovation Funders Showcase

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, South-East, and TexasKeiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, South-East, and Texas

Philadelphia, PA – [April 17, 2024] – Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, South-East and Texas is proud to feature Aline—a company setting new standards in legal tech—at the Innovation Funders Showcase during the 2024 Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit. Keiretsu Forum underscores its commitment to backing enterprises that not only innovate but redefine what's possible.

Vanguards of Technological Innovation

Aline stands out among a host of promising ventures with its AI-driven legal documentation platform, signaling a leap in optimized, intelligent contracting processes. Aline helps legal and business teams drastically improve their contracting using AI in several ways:

  1. Aline AI Editor is a cloud-based word processor built specific for legal contracting. It includes AI playbooks and a co-pilot that lets legal teams redline contracts 5-10X faster while accounting for your specific company standards (e.g., no auto-renewals in our contracts, payment terms must be net 30, etc.).
  2. Aline AI Extract is built into Aline's repository and lets legal teams bulk analyze 1000s of agreements to pull out key dates (expiration date, termination notice dates) and clauses (e.g., assignment w/ or w/o consent).
  3. AlineSign lets legal and business teams sign using an electronic signature tool compliant with the ESIGN Act.
  4. Last, Aline's platform includes smart templating and automated workflows to expose self-service templates to your company for generating legal contracts (e.g., NDAs, MSAs, Partner Agreements, and more) quickly w/o bogging down legal.

Unmatched in the domain of smart legal document automation, Aline also promises seamless collaboration and insight-driven data tracking—a boon for startups and established entities, ensuring those companies are perpetually "due diligence" ready.

Investment Opportunity with Aline Technologies

Aline recently completed a rigorous Due Diligence process with Keiretsu Forum on its $2.25M Series Seed financing round, culminating in a detailed report that offers prospective investors a detailed view into Aline’s business and the AI contracting landscape.

The Angel Capital Association's 2024 Summit, set to unfold in Columbus, Ohio, on May 13-15, 2024, is promising to be a convergence of innovation and investor acumen. Aline joins a curated list of companies demonstrating the potential to reshape industries with their technologies and philosophies.

For an exclusive window into the exceptional investment opportunities showcased at the ACA Summit's Innovation Funders Showcase, contact Cindi Sutera at cindis@amscommunications.net or call 610-613-2773.

About Aline Technologies

Aline is a generative AI, collaborative document platform that helps businesses and their legal teams create, negotiate, sign, and gain critical intelligence out of their legal contracts 5-10X faster. Today, contracts are drafted, edited, and signed using a static, opaque process driven by MS Word, Email, and DocuSign. As a result, ~45% of businesses report losing hundreds-of-thousands a year, customer dissatisfaction, and delayed projects due to inefficient contract processes. Aline drastically changes the status quo by allowing all businesses to leverage smart, AI legal documents and close critical contracts faster.

For more on Aline Technologies, visit https://www.aline.co/

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